E-Learning For All is an online language school. All of our teachers are trained online instructors. We have teachers of Spanish, English, French, German and Brazilian Portuguese. You can choose one and schedule a free demo class.

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Native Teachers

Do you believe you can learn more from a native teacher? We have native teachers ready to help you reach the next level on the language you are learning. Which one is better a native teacher or a non-native teacher?

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Customized Classes

Are you looking for a specific course, especially tailored for you? We have tons of customized courses that might be just what you are looking for!

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About E-Learning For All

Luisa, the Head Teacher, had an English school with many small group classes. One of her students, who used to travel a lot, used to miss a lot of classes. Luisa got an idea. She asked that particular student to call in via Skype from wherever she was to participate in the classes, which she would otherwise miss due to travel. The student followed Luisa’s suggestion and from then on she never missed one class. Moreover, she became even more motivated to continue learning with Luisa.
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Student Testimonials

Marie Grammare
Marie Grammare
I work for a big retail company and I wanted to improve my English in order to give me the opportunity to get a new position. The classes were very clear and diversified. You always have some homework in order to assimilate the topics of the ...
Adrian Robles
Adrian Roblesfrom La Pampa,  Argentina
For months I was trying to find some institution / teacher to study English that could fit my work schedule without compromising the -always scarce- time with my family. Skype method conceived by Luisa is simply perfect for that purpose. I can have the classes at lunch time while at ...
Patrícia Alencar de Albuquerque
Patrícia Alencar de Albuquerquefrom Fortaleza, Brazil
At first I was a little skeptical about having classes through Skype, but a friend from work told me she was having classes at E-Learning For All and she was happy with the results, so I decided to give it a try. I always had difficulty at English, mainly because ...
Lúcio Teles
Lúcio Telesfrom Fortaleza, Brazil
Hello! My name is Lucio Teles and I have been a student of E- Learning For All few months now.I am currently studying English with teacher Melanie, she is Californian and we communicate once a week.I chose to study online because of the schedule flexibility and I chose E-Learning For ...
Patricia Baía
Patricia Baíafrom Pará, Brazil
I decided to start online classes because it is very convenient. I’ve been living in SP for 4 years, I have a 3 year old daughter and  I working at my home office. I try to make the most of my time sharing household chores, my work at home, caring ...
Izabel Cavalcanti
Izabel Cavalcantifrom Fortaleza, Brazil
I'm From Fortaleza and I have known Luisa since she used to teach private lessons here in Ceará. I always thought her methodology is very dynamic and very creative because she does not rely only on one book, she uses various means: grammar book, reading book , movies, music, games, ...
Daniela Martins
Daniela Martinsfrom São Paulo, Brazil
I'm from São Paulo and I studied English at two conventional languages​​  schools, however since the content is standardized, the learning process is slow and uninteresting. I took some lessons with a private tutor, but I still was not satisfied because besides the delays, the content did not motivated me ...
Renato Aguiar
Renato Aguiarfrom Fortaleza, Brazil
E-Learning For All has 3 major interesting  points:  1) The classes are wherever you are, so you do not need to worry about traffic, parking, and place to be at a specific time; 2) You can arrange with the teacher the day and time of the classes; 3) The classes ...
Ana Helena Ellery
Ana Helena ElleryFrom Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
In Brazil I used to have private English classes, but when I started traveling a lot I couldn’t follow them and that harmed my learning process. Then, my teacher suggested that we had classes through Skype. At first I was very apprehensive, but since then I can see many advantages. ...
Federico Pascual
Federico Pascualfrom Córdoba, Argentina
For a  long time, my goal has been  to communicate in English written and orally. This is very important for my profession and I wanted to fulfill this goal in a dynamic way without going to old methods of content and control. Luckily,E-Learning For All allows me to solve this ...

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Germano Braga
Germano Bragafrom Fortaleza, Brazil
On my vacation I like to travel. In 2010 I took a trip and I needed English on my trip. Thank God I had my wife to help me, but I decided to enroll in E-Learning for All for the practicality and quality of the classes. Then, in 2011 I ...
Suelen Lopes Guiramães Veras
Suelen Lopes Guiramães VerasFrom Fortaleza, Brazil
I started the classes through Skype for professional reasons. A friend recommended them to me and I loved the idea because I could fit the classes into my tight schedule. The fact that the classes are private is extremely important and crucial for short term results. I think the methodology is ...
Fernando Braune
Fernando BrauneFrom Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
For years I’ve been taking English Conversation Classes, but I had a wonderful surprise when I started the classes through Skype. I confess I was very skeptical about virtual classes, but undoubtedly the classes through Skype were the solution for me as I have very tight schedule. Today I have ...
Ana Kelly Vieira
Ana Kelly Vieirafrom São Paulo, Brazil
I got to know E-Learning For All through a friend. I thought online courses were for disciplined people and I created a pre concept. When I had the first contact with the course I found it amazing! I discovered new google tools and the course is as if we were ...
Júlia Lopes
Júlia Lopesfrom Fortaleza, Brazil
I was seduced by the idea of having classes at the comfort of my own home, without having to face the usual commute to get to a language course. I could have hired a private teacher, but it would have cost more than I could afford. When Luisa came up ...
Naira Ellery de Menezes
Naira Ellery de Menezesfrom Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Talking about E-Learning For All I’d say that after having been enrolled I’ve only seen advantages compared to the conventional courses. First of all, there is no waste of time; if we’re at home we don’t have to drive, walk or even get a bus to go to the course. ...

Our Teachers



I have always been a teacher. Believe it or not, I used to teach my teddy bears and dolls.
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My name is Ivanna and I’m from Córdoba, Argentina. I speak English, Spanish…
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My name is Malena and I’m from Córdoba, Argentina. I teach both English and Spanish.
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Hello! My name is Marcelo. I am a Brazilian English teacher who loves what he does.
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Hi! My name is Helena. I’m Brazilian and I was born in a town located in a town called …
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Hi my name is Melanie and it’s very nice to meet you! I am originally..

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